One on One +1

Automatic "Do Nothing" Match Making.

Struggling to meet new people?

Then we can help! Introducing One on One+1 An automatic algorithm-based software that pairs you up with your new best friend, lover, or partner in crime!

All you have to do

is to provide your name, social media profiles, and email address, and One on One+1 will automatically pair you up with the best match for you, based on publicly available information!

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Once we find that special someone

One on One+1 invites the both of you to a video chat where you can interact with one another and have an enjoyable first meeting!

Not just that

The meeting is watched over by a range of performance-enhancing algorithms that suggest things to say, topics to discuss, and simply nudge the both of you to have a productive and wonderful first encounter.

Today is the day!

Join today and take your social life to the next level!

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